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  1. yup, and I wouldn't necessary call them elite. If I did I didn't mean to, only that they got some good players. Elite is a tough definition. I'd think there are only a few that are in certain positions. Hronek has been good for Van, Dobson a good pick. I also don't like thinking, just because a player was drafted by a team that traded for a Flames pick would end up the same player the Flames would have drafted. They have their own list and might have drafted someone else. Could be we wouldn't even have drafted Dobson with that pick.
  2. I hope we go that route with all the prospects.
  3. worst case, we decide he's ready just because he can play in the NHL in relation to our roster and opt for the shiny new toy instead of developing them. id prefer they dominate and maybe work on the missing parts of their games in a league where it won't matter and they won't get sat for making a mistake. Develop into a man, add one more year of man bod, then possibly play a year in the AHL, more rounding out their games. development . What players have we done well developing? And which ones might we consider failures? We need to learn from both. Two off the top: Mange Dube (earlier results, but started to move him around the roster too much) I get every player is different, but I think we need to start developing the players into what they want to be and what we want them to be. Hone them!
  4. how often can you get a Hronek like the Canucks did? How many players are 3rd pair needing a chance? And do those teams that have them see them as that? had we not traded for Hamonic, we might have had a decent player in, I think it was Dobson? Although, maybe we'd have taken Farabee? Or other players not in the NHL now.
  5. has Armstrong been good? For me, I'd gut that organization, they've been so bad.
  6. If his brother is really good, could it inflate his stock by playing with him, and this year's bro isn't as good? Or he's the real deal?
  7. Ya, I don't think it's that Marner, Matthews or Nylander aren't playoff players... they've had no depth. similar to Edmonton, Do you think McDavid and Draisaitl would have a cup by now had they had an average goalie, some D and a bit more depth? is it the cost of paying the top too much?
  8. definitely! It's why I loved Hathaway and we should have forked out the little extra, if that was why he left? He might have wanted closer to home anyway, but loved that guy. He was doing little things, creating in the way you're describing, causing penalties or leaving play in a good way. we look at the Flames, when the 4th line was getting 3-6 minutes, what does that say about the depth? The 4th isn't easy to fill with players that push a team over the jump. We are the same... my signing for '04 was Ville Nieminen. I think pests help too. Although, Simon and Gelinas were big too. but I agree, Johnny got his points, Monny goals too, decent numbers, but a one or two line team can get stopped. it's also why I'm afraid the Canucks can do some damage, I think a few signings this last summer put them where they're at.
  9. I like Tanev. He plays on that edge. I wonder if his health is overblown, or if he is injury prone? I worry about the message playing injured sends. I don't mind playing through stuff, but nearly ruining a career over injury is a lot though. Calgary and maybe a lot teams might turn a blind eye or be quite ok... some are good to put some on LTIR, and not be as injured though... I think Calgary let a guy like Monahan play through it because they're not deep enough to make it without a top player...
  10. I think a dichotomy and both... I think JJ is saying, if more players come from the professional city town area, then the teams will create more development programs for kids and grow the sport that way... though, the sport is a tough sell over football, baseball, or basketball, or other US sports. tough.
  11. my bet is, 18-26. Think you're right though, and they've already shown they're leaning that way. Maybe a pick and an underused player that is a few years previously developed. my scouting fear is targeting UFA. We've had a few good hits lately, but some bad ones. Coleman, Markstrom good... maybe some can add a few good UFA signings to ease the apprehension!?
  12. i think there are young teams that haven't reached prime ability. I guess you can call that playoff experience. I also wonder, Vegas has done well at getting deeper into the playoffs than many lately, when they have made the playoffs... for me, even the most playoff experience can lose because it's such a hard task to win a cup. i understand what you're saying though. And just think, some teams play to lose while others play to win. Maybe it is circumstance or coach philosophy. we kept saying the Flames had bad playoff experience, yet Johnny and Monny made the playoffs early in their career. And they needed more playoff experience but looked similar every year. I just think, either a player plays to win or they play tentatively and lose. The Leafs have plenty experience but play to lose. Only one team wins, I think a team can have a good playoffs and still lose in the first round in heartbreak, it doesn't mean they're not a playoff team, just they played a really good team and pushed a really good team to their limit.
  13. would you have a salary cap in your system? If you're creating more stars, you fork out more money.
  14. i don't believe in you're a playoff team with experience. Experience can matter, but i think some players are born for the playoffs and some just aren't. Like the Leafs have a ton of experience but never go deeper. Granted they're playing teams that make the finals sometimes, but...
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