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  1. Clearly, I don't recall my reaction when we drafted him. It's not important what my initial reaction was, since I am not an expert when it comes to player drafts. Would I have preferred a center? No doubt. Only 2 players taken after him have played single NHL games each. In 2021 we got Coronato, while Wyatt Johnson was ranked below him. I think we would have been happy with him. It's way to early to do a redraft of 2023. 2020 draft? Nobody after Zary is really blowing the doors off. I'm not seeing the big reaches or poor drafting in the 1st round.
  2. When was the last time we drafted an overrated player in the first round? Last decade, under a GM that made a bunch of miscalculations? Clutch pearls and you will be okay.
  3. The president cup curse seems to be real, but it doesn't always mean a 1st round exit. NYR is tough to beat. I think FLA wins, but both teams have struggles. CAR is tough to beat. BOS seems to always have Leaf's number. Did Toronto add anyone that can stop a forward?
  4. ARI sells team to Utah, avoiding the franchise fees. ARI gets an expansion team, paying roughly the same amount they got in the sale. NHL team get their cut of the entry fee ($1B) It's a weird twist. ARI had to sell the team because the NHL would not allow them to play at Mullet. Even if they win the rights to buy the land, they still have 3 years or less to build a stadium. So, the NHL allowed the sale to a team that would probably have gotten an expansion team in 3 years. The franchise fee is paid about the same times as expected. The Jets is a really poor example of the NHL decision making. Or perhaps the peril of being a small market team. Lose a team. Expansion team fails, team sold and moves to WPG.
  5. The team took the name because the team was relocated from NO. They seem to get left overs from the league. So, maybe they should be the Utah Coyotes. That won't work because Arizona is getting a new team when they expand again. How about Utah keeps the Yotes last name and when Phoenix gets a team they call it the Arizona Snow Birds.
  6. You want Tij to piss on the new stadium?
  7. It doesn't really look like any surprises coming out of this conference. All higher seeds win out.
  8. I would say the safe picks are DAL, COL, VAN. EDM is going into the playoffs with (another) rookie coach. I think this year's Kings have a better goalie tandem than the last two versions of them. If they can frustrate the Oilers top line, it comes down to how well EDM can defend. Skinner's SA% dropped but his GAA also dropped. Less goals scored but more goals on less shots. Hmm. In previous playoffs, LA has lost a pivotal game on one or two plays. With that: DAL in 5 COL in 6 VAN in 5 LA in 6
  9. Rocket Doc does the nasty. Was only able to get within 200 points at the best part of my season. Then he jumped to 800 point lead and I couldn't get any closer than 720. Well played Sir.
  10. That would have allowed us to potentially keep all our conditional picks.
  11. I never suggested that Tij was better and I would be a little miffed if we drafted him. Can't say I know who we should pick, but Tij is not my first suggestion. I don't want the sentimental fave, I want the best player.
  12. Bennett was a natural C. Bennett was too young to play in the AHL, so it was NHL or back to junior. His shot was hampered by shoulder recivery. Janko was a better 2 way C, so he never gained the spot here. I think it's too narrow view to say Bennett would have developed in the AHL better. He would have needed to stay one more year in junior. Then he may have played in the A for a year. That year the Heat was full of the failed picks from the Feaster era. Not sure what he learns there. This year, they did the right things with Coronato by more AHL than NHL. That was this year. He should get to have some fun in the AHL playoffs. May not be a long run, since they really has problems late season.
  13. Crazy finish. LA had a 3-1 lead starting the 3rd. CHI gets three goals to go ahead in the first 7 minutes of the 3rd. It gets down to 1:46 and CHI ices it, so LA gets to pull the goalie. On the faceoff, CHI wins the draw and has an easy out. Kurashev flips it forehand to the boards, but there was no pressure. It sails over the glass, LA keeps goalie out, goes 6-4 and scores with 1:21 left. On the OT faceoff Kempe takes the puck in and scores OT winner within 9 seconds. Up to the last 2 minutes, EDM was playing Vegas.
  14. He's ranked within our number, is he not? If we were to pick him and Iggy Jr goes next, would that PO the fans too much? I'm really hoping we don't have to make the choice because Tij is gone or we win the lotto. SEA would do well to go after Tij. Right now, they are a bunch of nobodies and the name would light up the town.
  15. Let's not confuse Coronato with Zary. Coronato had 2 years at Harvard, playing against men. Zary had two healthy season in the AHL. They are one year apart in age. Saying that, the reality is we have too many wingers and not enogh C/W. Coronato at least looked good in his last 5. Zary can play C, but should he? Pelletier couldn't even hold the spot here. If we got rid of Mangiapane, we would likely have a better balance: Zary-Kadri-Kuzmenko Huberdeau-Sharky-Pospisil Coleman-Backlund-Coronato I struggled with the idea of Coronato with Uberdeau, since they stuggle defensively. You want Coronato to learn to generate from your own zone on the rush? Play him with Backlund. Heck, put him on LW. He not going to learn hockey in the AHL playing with our lesser forwards.
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