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  1. I should also point out Hronek was 2016 53rd oa. We really haven't had picks that would be coming to fruition in the now. More often than not, we were the team trading those picks. That's what excites me. We got some solid prospects last year, and even more this year. 1st pick is 1st pick. Way too much is made of it when you're outside of top 3. I think 5 picks in the top 75 is awesome, and something that we're really not used to. We're going to be getting some really good prospects with all of those picks.
  2. As often as you like, honestly. From a Detroit perspective, I'm glad that he's doing well, but there is just no way to keep him for next year at a QO of $5.4 with arb rights. I'm really happy with that trade. He was having a big year for the D. He had to go. Just no way he was going to be worth Detroit giving a term and $$ contract to. Wrong place, wrong time. Glad he's having success elsewhere, though. That was a good trade for both teams. See how Van makes out with the extension.
  3. Alternatively, perhaps we just won't care.
  4. Thank you. I agree. We have a solid scouting team that actually scouts in real life, not by internet opinions from god knows who. The internet is a great place to find precisely the slanted echo chamber that fits your preconceived notion. I'll add Conroy's also done a swell job of shoring up the NHL scouting dept. And as you alluded to, we just haven't had enough picks in the past. That's in the past. The staff aren't a bunch of slack-jawed yokels. Some folks should try harder to not embarrass themselves. Re Honzek and the, "shoulda taken Sandin-Pellikka" crowd. I very highly doubt the Wings org will remove him from the SHL next year. He still has a ways to go. When he does come over, he'll be in the A for at least a season. There are no shortcuts. 2 years out at very best. I'm sure that we can afford Honzek that kind of leeway also.
  5. I wonder the same. Likely best for him to stay in school. Denver's a great program, though next year is a retool. I doubt that it is that so much. It just helped his progression. Both have always been good players. Zeev has more O flair, Shai is better defensively. But he's also older and a fair bit bigger. Both should be Top 4 NHLers. Just a question of being a top 2. Similar dev paths, Zeev has had the better talent around in his age group, but not by a lot.
  6. The Wings have signed the elder Buium (2021 36th oa), Shai, to an ELC. He'll report to GR on a PTO. He was Zeev's D partner this season. His 3 seasons in Denver included 2 National Championships. This year and his NCHC All-Rookie Team award season in 2021-22, which included fellow Wings prospects Carter Mazur (2021 70th oa) and Antti Tuomisto (2019 35th oa). Zeev's a great player. Just be wary that so is his now ex D-partner (7-29/36pts, +33). Shai's now 21 and topped out at 6'3 to 6'4 depending on who you believe, and around 220lbs. So Zeev (6'/180ish) could have size growth pdq. Unless it was the mailman... Both products of Shattuck, because...you know...who isn't? lol
  7. Queue the Leaf nation sheer panic and blame machine. TSN already threw out the, "I barely heard Marner's name". Here it comes again. I feel sorry for that guy, and any goalie that signs there. It's not that absurd defence, it can't be that.
  8. It's all about depth for me. Bottom 6 is where the real chess match lives. Are they dominating or being dominated? Driving momentum and drawing penalties, the opposite, or a saw-off? As much as people will say, "just a 4th liner", the playoffs remove that. They WILL get caught out there with unfavourable matchups. Can they handle it, or are they getting owned? Playoffs are always the same to me. Look at our own Stephane Yelle. I thought he was our MVP in 04 (and Kipper, of course). He was massively driving the bus. Every team has great offensive players. It's the bottom 6 that is either creating good opportunities for them, or not. Which end is the faceoff in? Are you going on the PP or PK. Chipping in the odd goal or giving it up? The bottom 6 really drives the dynamic of the overall game. They'll put your stars in favourable positions, or unfavourable positions. If your bottom 6 isn't rock solid, you're not going far in the playoff season. They're the wind in your sails, or sucking the life out of you. Even the best technicians aren't allowed onsite without their workboots. I love analogies. lol
  9. What about Nashville? Tennessee/Georgia/Kentucky/Mrs Sippy aren't exactly hockey talent hotbeds I tell you what. Or is this purely for selfish reasons? lol
  10. Only if you consider cool to be massively unfair. lol https://www.hockey-reference.com/friv/birthplaces.cgi
  11. And their bottom 6 depth is definitely nothing to snivel at.
  12. The mishandling is mind-boggling. Apparently, the team medical staff is helpless to doing full assessments on players. The player has to point out that he can barely walk or tie his skates, because no one can see it. So you give up a 1st rder to lose a guy that somehow (ineptitude) isn't on LTIR. So your 30g, 40a center is now someone else's problem. Until he gets back to normal and puts up 26g/33a in his first healthy season in years. Then he's not a problem anymore. Us: We can't do anything if he doesn't tell us. Him: I could barely tie my skates. I had a hard time getting upright again after taking a faceoff. Us: If only he had told us. Words just can't describe that level of incompetence. Add the expectation that we're supposed to believe the incompetent pulling out the, "we didn't know" card. A typical card that incompetence likes to play. "My eyes were broken during that timeline". lol What's the ol' saying, "we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are".
  13. 55% at the dot. When we needed a PP F/O win, it was him. The Jets hottest line rn is Ehlers-Mony-Toffoli. Just sayin'. It's funny him and Scheifele are on the same team. In the O, I thought Mony was quite comparable to Scheifele.
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