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2022 Prospect Tournament

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Figure we can add this for a little discussion. The list is out on the main page. If someone more knowledgeable wants to link it, go ahead.


It looks like the Flames essentially have 4 tryout invites for the tournament. 1 F and 1 D who earned the tryout at the development camp, 1 F and 1 G on a straight out invite. Most of the team appears to be regulars with a few who will return to juniors but most will be pros this season.


Who do you expect to standout and how?


Who needs to have a good tournament to even have a shot at a longer look?


We all know most of these guys will see at least a couple of practices at the main camp but who would you like to see get a bigger look at the main camp when it starts?


I expect Wolf to stand out and get a long look at main camp until close to the start of the AHL season.

I would like to see Kuznetsov and Poirier get more time at main camp for experience though unlikely with the current log jam.


Pelletier, Duehr and Schwindt will hopefully see more camp time as well, forcing difficult decisions to be made by the big club.


Of the rest, Huckins, Ciona, Bell, Beck, Whynot and Jordan likely sent back to juniors fairly quickly with info on what to work on.


The rest likely stick around long enough to fill out split squad preseason games before switching to Wranglers preseason camp work.



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