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  1. Lately been listening to the Darker Still album, i'm all over the map with music but this album really rocks.

    Love the guitar riffs in "Darker Still" but also the energy they pump out in there songs like "Greatest Fear".

    I may be an old man but love good rock music.


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    2. medatswhoP


      Cool, I spent most of my career in the field as a Instrumentation/Electronics Technologist, the past 9 years though  moved into office into the Management side of the Technical field guys , Retirement is so far good only 2 months in now still adjusting to not having to wake up early and go to work.

      Go Flames.

    3. medatswhoP


      Oh and I used to live in Edmonton and wow did I ever take abuse there because I hate the Oilers with a passion.  Always been a Flames fan with my Hawks and Islanders in the top three.

    4. Ryan Man

      Ryan Man

      I'd say very cool regarding Edmonton but when I visited I didn't really like the city too much, everything seemed fairly distanced which wasn't helpful mid winter relying on public transport.


      Yeah, I've always been a flames fan as well but I do have a soft spot for Sidney Crosby and the Pens as they were the team that got me into hockey, in the 08/09 season but I didn't want to jump on that successful bandwagon.


      Game times over here are well timed, usually puck drops at 11am for the eastern timezone games and 2/2:20pm for the mountain/pacific timezones so I'll pick a few games and try to watch listen while at work.

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